Dentist: Know the Basics of Tooth Whitening

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If you are determined to get a better smile, you might be thinking about tooth whitening. Before you commit to this procedure, you should talk to your dentist to make sure that you are a good candidate for it.

If you are considering visiting the dentist to get your teeth whitened, you should know a bit about the procedure beforehand. Not everyone should get this treatment done, and you should know why. On the other hand, some people are great candidates for it and will be happy with the results.

One of the first steps to take is to have a cleaning with your dentist. This way, any stains that he can remove at that appointment will be taken care of. You might find that you do not need the procedure done after that since your issue may be solved. Your practitioner should be able to tell you at that point whether you can get the tooth whitening done.

If you have veneers or white fillings, you will find that you cannot whiten these teeth any more than they already are. Thus, you might want to get whitening performed before you get veneers or fillings put in, if possible. Additionally, if your tooth was stained from the inside or you had a root canal done on it, it will also likely not whiten any more than it is already is. These teeth cannot be changed as far as color unless you think about getting it done internally, which you should talk to your dentist about.

The people who will likely get the best results have slightly yellow teeth, not ones that have other shades, such as gray or brown. Fortunately, the problem most people face and want to get rid of is a yellow color, so this should work for the majority of people. Also, if you have very sensitive teeth or gums, you might want to steer clear of this process since the formula for this procedure can be uncomfortable for those who are very sensitive. Even those who are not overly sensitive will feel some discomfort when the substance is applied.

If you want each tooth to look whiter than usual, talk to your dentist about the possibilities available for you. Most people will find whitening to be the best treatment for them, but some people may have issues with it. If you talk to your practitioner ahead of time, you should not end up with problems like a tooth that looks fake due to its faded or gray hue compared to the whiter colors around it. You also do not want to pay for this substance only to find that it does not work.

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Dentist: Know the Basics of Tooth Whitening

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This article was published on 2010/07/07