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Question: Why Does my Public (Government provided) Dentist schedule cleanings so infrequently?

That’s a great question. The truth is that there are many people living in Helsinki, Espoo, and Vantaa who soley depend on the Finnish government to provide dental care for them. Compared to other countries, the fact that the government does provide this an in relatively good facilities is great.

However, when it comes to teeth of many people in Finland, why do so many people have crooked and yellow teeth? Well, public dentists do not stress the need for preventative maintenance enough. In the US, dentists generally recommend cleaning twice a year, whereas here, they’ll say stop by once a year or less! There are just too many people in the system, and if they saw people twice a year instead of just once, then that would add on even more time to the already lengthy waiting periods.

Preventative maintenance of your oral health is by far the cheapest way to have no tooth pain, no root canals, and to have a great smile and oral health. I suppose they try to save in preventative care, and just fix things as they break.

So, if you’re looking for the best dentist in Helsinki, it’s essential that you find out the dentist's approach to preventive dentistry. Ask them what steps they take in regards to preventative maintenance. Once you have their answer, ask if they’ll create a preventative maintenance plan, and not just a treatment plan. Your treatment plan should start with some recent x-rays of your mouth, checking all of your teeth manually, and deciding what work needs to be done. Your preventative maintenance plan should have 2 or 3 cleanings a year, picking the best toothbrush (motorized or manual), the best dental floss for your teeth (waxed vs. unwaxed), mouthwash, the types of food you eat, etc.

Unless you mind waiting months to schedule a cleaning, a regular checkup to the dentist, I highly recommend trying to find a private dentist. Kela will still pay part of the visit, and you pay the rest. It’s a few extra euros, but WELL worth it. You shouldn’t feel that dentist just wants your money, or just wants to impress you with the fancy tools he has to convince you he’s worth the extra price.

That’s the difference between a good and great dentist that has your best interest in mind, and not just your wallet.

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Find The Best Helsinki Dentist, Vantaa Dentist, & Espoo Dentist

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This article was published on 2010/12/09