How To Choose A Dentist

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Selecting a qualified dentist to work on your teeth and gum is not as easy as picking up the local phone book and calling the first dental office listed. It's important that you take the time to research potential dentists and make sure they are qualified to work on your teeth. They should also come highly recommended by other people.

What's the easiest method for finding a dentist? Get a referral!

Referrals aren't that hard to come by. In fact, you might be surprised to know that your family doctor most likely has a great recommendation for a local dentist. Of course, a better referral than your family doctor is to speak with family members and friends. Ask as many people as you can about their dentist and whether or not he is a great dentist. It won't take long before you talk with someone who's extremely happy with his or her dentist. A happy patient is usually the best indicator for a quality doctor of any kind.

Before you start down the path of finding a quality dentist, you should ask yourself a very important question: do you know what you need when it comes to dental care?

If you know that you need to replace a missing tooth and that you'll perhaps need a dental implant, then you should be asking for an implant dentist referral. Not all dentists specialize in every field of dentistry. Most dentists actually outsource the more specialized procedures. However, if you are simply looking for teeth cleaning and general gum and teeth maintenance, then you should be asking for a referral for a highly recommended general dentist. Basically, you should find a dentist that offers great dental care in the exact field of service that you need.

When you think you've found a dentist worthy of your time and money, you should give his or her office a call and ask a few questions. First and foremost, you should ask whether or not the dentist charges an initial consultation fee. If the initial meeting is truly a consultation, then he probably won't charge a fee. However, most initial meetings with a dentist require a basic exam and a set of x-rays. Dentists typically offer a deep discount for an initial exam and x-rays. The discount is usually restricted to new clients only.

If you acquire the name of a dentist that is highly recommended by your friends or family, then it would be advisable that you take a look in the local paper or on line and see if you can find a coupon or discount offer from the dentist before you call to make your appointment.

A few more questions you should ask: Does the office provide emergency dental service? What are the office hours? What type of equipment do they use (get brand names and then research them)? How long has the dentist been in practice? If you're seeking a dentist for cosmetic dentistry procedures, then you should ask if they have "before and after" photographs of patients in your age range.

If you perform the type of research we've just recommended when seeking a dentist, you should be able to find a qualified dentist with a pleasing bedside manner.

You should only seek dental advice from a qualified, licensed (and practicing) dentist. Good luck!
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How To Choose A Dentist

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